Top 5 Pro Free Fire Players Around the World

Today, we’ll discuss the top 5 professional players of Free Fire globally, known for their incredible gameplay. In this list, we’ve excluded players from India and focused on professionals from other countries. If you’re interested in the list of Indian pro players, we’ve provided a link below for your reference.

Top 5 Pro Free Fire Players Around the World

1. B2K

In the list of pro Free Fire players, B2K stands at the top. B2K, also known as Born2kill, is widely acclaimed worldwide. Their gameplay is exceptional. B2K hails from Tunisia and plays Free Fire on PC. They have fans not only in Tunisia but also in India and around the world. Their YouTube channel named “Born2kill” uploads Free Fire videos, boasting 9.28 million subscribers. B2K has three other YouTube channels: B2K, B2K Highlights, and B2K Shorts. Their Free Fire ID is 320653047.

2. BNL

BNL secures the second position in the list of pro Free Fire players. BNL is a Free Fire player from Tunisia and has gained significant fame for their gameplay, even in India. Their YouTube channel, “BNL,” has 7.92 million subscribers, and they started this channel in 2017. BNL also operates another channel named “BNL TV,” with 5.5 Lakh subscribers. BNL’s Free Fire ID is 297929835.

3. M8N

M8N, whose real name is Almoda, is a Free Fire player and content creator from Egypt. Their YouTube channel, “M8N,” has 6.79 million subscribers, and they have another channel, “M8N PC,” with 2.6 million subscribers. This Free Fire player enjoys considerable popularity worldwide. M8N’s Free Fire ID is 608823917.

4. OP Vincenzo

In the list of pro players, Vincenzo holds the fourth position. They are a renowned content creator and Free Fire player. OP Vincenzo is a significant name in the Free Fire community, with their channel “Vincenzo” having 6.86 million subscribers. Their Free Fire ID is 437144862.

5. Syblus

Syblus is among the most popular Free Fire players globally. Their Free Fire ID is 15441490. They play Free Fire with remarkable accuracy, delivering precise headshots. Apart from their gameplay, they’re also renowned through their YouTube channel, which has 2.51 million subscribers. They started this channel in 2015.


These 5 pro players hail from different countries but are celebrated in the Free Fire community for their exceptional gameplay and inspiring stories. Their gaming skills and remarkable techniques have earned them a spot in this list.

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