Free Fire Kenta Character – Backstory, Ability, Launch Date and more

Developers of Free Fire have launched numerous characters. There are many active and passive characters. Currently, there are a total of 57 characters. Kenta is also included in all these characters. If you want to know about the Backstory, Ability, and Launch Date of Kenta’s character, read this post till the end.

Kenta Character

Free Fire Kenta Character photo

When the Kenta character was launched in Free Fire, not many players chose it, and even now, only a few players are using this character. It is an active character. In Free Fire, using an active character is crucial to winning the game, which is why fewer players use this character. Kenta is a character created in Free Fire, so its real name is also Kenta.

Kenta Launch Date

In Free Fire, the developers launched the Kenta character on March 23, 2023. After knowing Kenta’s launch date, let’s discuss the character’s backstory.

Kenta Backstory

Kenta was a man who cherished his time alone, indulging in meditation, crafting swords, and revelling in the music of nature. But one day, a significant duty beckoned in his life. He was chosen to be the guardian of Hayato, fulfilling a promise made to his family.

This duty led Kenta into the midst of a clash between mega tech corporations. He and Hayato found themselves trapped in this intense battle, but Kenta had vowed always to protect Hayato.

He was a man of few words, yet always ready to ensure the safety of his new, youthful master. He harbored his own desires and ambitions but set them aside in service of Hayato. During the perilous times for the Yagami family, Kenta suppressed his personal aspirations and remained prepared to face any challenge.

Kenta Ability

kenta ability

Kenta is an active character, so the ability needs to be activated. When activated, a shield of 5 meters comes forward, reducing the damage of incoming bullets by 60%. This shield lasts only for 5 seconds, and after using the ability, it can be reused after 70 seconds.

Kenta Character’s Attire

Kenta’s entire attire is in black and blue colours. His attire is designed like a superhero. He looks exactly like a samurai, with a cloth fluttering behind him.

Kenta in-game information

Free Fire Kenta Character photo
Birthday5 May
Ability NameSwordsman’s Wrath kenta ability
Ability TypeActive
RelationProtected Hayato
Obtained FromIn Game Store
Price499💎/ 10,000🟡

Kenta Character Gallery and Video

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