Free Fire India New Launch Date (Official Leaks)

The official launch of Free Fire India was scheduled for September 5, 2023, but due to server issues, this date has been postponed. Since then, all Free Fire players have been wondering when Free Fire India will finally launch and what its new launch date will be. In this post, we will discuss the new launch date of Free Fire India based on official leaks.

Free Fire India Launch Date Postponed

On September 4, 2023, the game developer officially announced that the launch date of Free Fire was postponed due to server issues. It may take a few weeks to fix this server issue. In case you don’t know, the data for the Free Fire Indian server has been shifted to the Yotta Data Center in Uttar Pradesh, India, which might be the reason for server issues. The game developer wants the Free Fire India server to be robust so that players don’t face any glitches, lags, or other issues while playing the game. Therefore, they have postponed the launch date of Free Fire India to improve their server data.

Free Fire India New Launch Date

Free Fire India New Launch Date (Official Leaks)

After postponing Free Fire India, the game developer has not provided any information about the new launch date, and there is no hype being created around it.

Most players believe that Free Fire India will be launched along with the OB42 update on November 1st. Additionally, the Thala event in Free Fire is set to start on November 5th. This suggests that the game developer might launch Free Fire India in the End of November 2023.

Game NameFree Fire India
DevelopersGarena International
Brand AmbassadorMS Dhoni
Launch DateEnd of November 2023
Download SizeAround 500MB
Pre-Registrationclick here

Free Fire India Download

Pre-registration for Free Fire India has begun, but the game has not been launched yet, so you cannot download it. If you come across any websites claiming to offer a download option for Free Fire India, please do not download from them, as they could be third-party websites that might scam you. On the internet, you may find websites with the name ‘Free Fire India’ that are not the official website. The only official website for Free Fire is Once Free Fire India is launched, you will receive a notification if you have pre-registered. If you wish to pre-register, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the link provided below.
  • Click on the Register button.
  • Your registration will be complete, and you will receive a notification when the game is launched.

Free Fire India Pre-Registration link: Click here

What’s New in Free Fire India

When Free Fire India is launched, you can expect to see some changes compared to the normal Free Fire. It will be similar to Free Fire but exclusive to Indian players. In Free Fire India, there may be some limitations such as time limits, money spending limits, and more compared to the normal Free Fire.

Free Fire India will also feature events related to Indian festivals and will have different events compared to other servers. Apart from these changes, the game modes, customizations, and characters will remain the same as on other servers.

When did Free Fire India launch time?

Free Fire India can be launched anytime in the first week of November, till now the game developers have not given any fixed date for it.

What is the Free Fire unban date?

The unban date of Free Fire has not been released yet but it will be launched in a few days. Players believe that Free Fire will be unbanned on October 31.

How to download Free Fire India?

At present Free Fire India has not been launched, hence it cannot be downloaded, currently, preregistration of Free Fire is started. If you have pre-registered the game, you will get a notification when the game is launched and after that, you will be able to download it.

What is the size of Free Fire India?

Free Fire India will be made for low-end devices, hence its size will be between 300 to 500 MB.

We hope you enjoyed our post about Free Fire India. Thank you for reading until the end. Please follow our WhatsApp channel to stay updated on internet gaming updates and leaks.

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