Shirou: Free Fire’s Enigmatic Delivery Guy

Today, we’re here to provide you with insights about the Shirou character. We’ll discuss when this character was launched, the event it debuted in, its ability, and its current availability in the store. So, read on till the end of the post for all the details.

About Shirou Character

Shirou Character

When the developers launched this character, many players were not using it much. Some players were using this character, but its abilities didn’t resonate with a large number of players.

The developers introduced the Shirou character on February 27, 2021, during the Cobra event, where all players received it for free upon logging in.

Shirou’s Backstory

free fire Shirou Character wallpaper

Shirou was born on July 5. He is a responsible individual who takes on and demonstrates accountability. Shirou risked his life to protect his family and delivers goods, a job that demands a lot of hard work. He delivers items even in crowded places. However, he couldn’t fulfill his dreams due to responsibilities at home.

Talking about Shirou’s attire, he wears full black and grey clothes, resembling a delivery boy.

Shirou Character’s Ability

Shirou Ability

If a player uses the ‘Damage Delivered’ ability and receives damage from another player within 100 meters, their location will be revealed to you and your teammates for 6 seconds.

Shirou In-Game Information

BirthdayNovember 2
Ability NameDamage Delivered
Ability TypePassive
OccupationDelivery Guy
HobbyBike racing
Currently ObtainableYes
Obtained FromIn-Game Store
Price499 💎/ 10,000🟡

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