Free Fire India Launch and FFIC 2023 Big Update

If you are a Free Fire player and want to participate in eSports, you should definitely consider joining the Free Fire India Championship 2023 (FFIC). However, many players have been wondering whether FFIC 2023 will happen or not. Let me tell you that FFIC 2023 is 100% confirmed because there has been a leak that substantiates this.

FFIC 2023 will take place when Free Fire India launches, and there is significant news about the launch date of Free Fire India. In today’s post, we will explore some official leaks.

When will Free Fire India launch?

Free Fire India Launch and FFIC 2023 Big Update

Free Fire India is going to launch soon because a few days ago, the Free Fire team sent surveys to all Indian Free Fire players, asking them some questions. After seeing the survey, we can say that this survey was meant to connect with these players. A meetup between the Free Fire India team and players is scheduled for October 16-20, 2023, where there will be extensive discussions about Free Fire India.

After these surveys, it is confirmed that Free Fire India will be released with the OB42 update. The OB42 update for Free Fire is set to launch on October 31, and with it, Free Fire India will also be launched.

In-game eSports option enabled

The eSports option has been added to Free Fire Max. This option is available in the game only when a tournament is being organized.

A new contest option has also been introduced along with this eSports option, which is available when a tournament is being organized.

free fire esports enable in indian server

Whenever the FFIC tournament is organized, a new mode is introduced in the game called FFIC, which is available to all players. In this mode, all matches and team leader leaderboard contests are displayed in the Contest name option.

These are two significant leaks that have come from the official game developers. If you want to build a career in eSports or become a successful eSports player, start practising now because you will soon have the opportunity to participate in FFIC 2023.

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