Free Fire Max – New Moco Store Cobra Fist

The developers of Free Fire Max have launched a new Moco Store event. In this Moco Store event, they have introduced Fist skins, bundles, and gun skins. Here is detailed information about this Moco Store event, including the diamond costs for each item.

Free Fire Max New Moco Store Cobra Fist
Free Fire Max New Moco Store Cobra Fist

In this Moco Store, there are 6 Grand prizes and 6 Bonus prizes. You can select one prize from each category and spin to claim them. The Grand prize list includes:

  1. Cobra Fist skin
  2. Bone Fist skin
  3. Beast Warrior Bundle
  4. Beast Fighter Bundle
  5. G36 – Flaring Bionica (Gun skin with Accuracy++, Range+, Magazine-)
  6. M4A1 – Wild Carnival (Gun skin with Magazine++, Damage+, Rate of Fire-)

You need to select one reward from the Grand prizes and one from the Bonus prizes. The Bonus prize list includes.

  1. Legendary Cobra Loot box
  2. Pan – King Cobra
  3. Spirit Fox Pet
  4. Flash Pet
  5. Grenade – Cobra Strike
  6. Cobra Guardian

To spin, the first spin costs 9 diamonds, and subsequent spins increase in cost.

  1. First Spin: 9 diamonds
  2. Second Spin: 19 diamonds
  3. Third Spin: 49 diamonds
  4. Fourth Spin: 99 diamonds
  5. Fifth Spin: 199 diamonds
  6. Last Spin: 499 diamonds

To acquire both Grand prizes, you’ll need a total of 874 diamonds. If you have enough diamonds, you can spin to claim your rewards.

We hope you find this information about the Moco Store event helpful. If you want to read similar content, you can enable notifications on our website.

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